PRIMUS Presskit Fall/Winter 2019/20

Date: 2019-01-29


With its products, Primus ensures that enjoyable adventures are possible at any time of the year. Even on icy cold winter days. Hot dishes with chili and ginger and a steaming tea provide you with energy and inner warmth - see enclosed recipe.

The CampFire and OpenFire series combine our love for tasty food and exploring nature. We believe there is no starred restaurant in the world that rivals an outdoor meal with loved ones. These collections are known for their practical and compact designs while being well suited to expand your cooking experience outside of the kitchen. With these products we meet the demands of cooking for friends and family as well as the gourmet chef who wants to take their culinary standards to new heights.

The range is designed to have a complete offering from the time you leave your home, prep your food, cook and eat and transport your greasy dishes home again. Easy – safe - long lasting - functional – clean – compact and portable!

The PRIMUS Aeril L is a multifunctional and durable accessory that allows you to cook easily over an open fire. Made from stainless steel, the sturdy legs and solid design are ideal for use with the included grill grate, PRIMUS Open Fire pans and standard pots. The grill grate is height adjustable so you can control cooking temperate by moving it closer/further from the fire. The compact, flat-folding format makes it easy to transport in the included bag, so you’re always ready to cook at the campfire. Available in two different sizes.

Today is a great day. #getoutcookout


Winter barbecue vegetables_en PDF-file (65 KB)

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