PRIMUS Presskit Spring/Summer 2020

Date: 2020-01-01

Spectacular views, different climate zones, mystical moods - nature is wonderfully diverse and impressive – just like PRIMUS products. Whether for a day trip, an expedition lasting several weeks or a picnic - PRIMUS has the ideal outdoor cooking equipment for everyone.

The PRIMUS team loves challenges and is passionate about working out the best solutions to enable many adventures all over the world with its products. The R&D team is full of ideas, experiments and is constantly working on innovative improvements. The first designs were created on the "drawing board" - which today is mainly CAD. Prototypes are then created. These are first tested in the laboratory, but then the engineers can hardly wait to test them outdoors in nature. During countless trials and practical tests, the team ensure that specific requirements are met. Series production is not started in the company's own production facility in Estonia, until the product is perfect. And it eoesn´t reach the end cutomer before it´s been subject to meticulous quality controls.

For 2020 the focus is on the trekking category, with revolutionary innovations. The product developers set themselves the goal of developing a lightweight, compact trekking stove that fits into the smallest pocket of your backpack and is also very easy to use. So it's no coincidence that our newest stove has a built-in windshield, fits in your pocket and weighs less than 100 grams. It's been crafted that way for a reason. Because a stove that is easy to access and use, might make you stop for that extra cup of coffee and enjoy your outdoor adventure even more.



The new Fire Stick immediately captivates with its revolutionary and innovative design. Folded, the stove is shaped like a cylinder so it can be easily slipped into the top or side pocket of a backpack for easy access.

The stove is equipped with our latest highly-efficient regulated valve, which adjusts the flow of gas and ensures optimum heat output whatever altitude, temperature or amount of gas left in the cartridge. The burner and pot supports are made from durable stainless steel and the stove´s clever folding design also offers excellent protection from both the wind and when transit. For ultra-lightweight adventures, there is also a version with titanium pot supports – the Fire Stick TI.

Absolutely reliable whatever the weather, the Fire Stick also features a newly-developed Piezo igniter also works. With the launch of the Fire Stick, PRIMUS has reached another milestone in the category of high-performance and compact top-mounted stoves.

The Fire Stick is delivered with a functional, custom-designed wool storage pouch which doubles-up as a pot holder.

The product convinced the jury: BEST NEW GEAR of the GEAR INSTITUTE and the GEAR JUNKIE AWARD - best in show - awards of the Outdoor Retailer Summer Show 2019.


Dimensions: Ø 36 x 103 mm

Weight: 105 g Fire Stick / 89 g Fire Stick TI

Performance: 2.500 Watt




The Trek Pot Set includes the Trek Pot 0.6L, the Trek Pot 1.0L and a frying pan, all made of lightweight, hard-anodized aluminium. The ceramic non-stick coating makes frying, cooking or cleaning the pans extremely easy. PRIMUS’ Swedish engineers have developed the Trek Pot Set with exceptional attention to details and features include a practical strainer made of PP plastic is integrated into the lid of the smaller pot.  

Extremely compact, the complete set can be stacked one inside the other and, in addition, a 230 g gas cartridge can be stored inside the smaller pot. The removable handles hold everything together securely and noiselessly during transport.


Volume: 0,6 + 1.0 L

Dimensions: Ø 94 x 90 mm • Ø 3.7” x 3.5” + Ø 117 x 145 mm • 4.6” x 5.7”

Weight: 140 g • 4.9 oz + 270 g • 9.5 oz




The Essential Trail Kit consists of the new Essential Trail Stove and a matching set of pots and pans. The perfect combination of everything you need to cook outdoor meals wherever you are. The Essential Trail Stove has been designed with our patented Laminar Flow Burner technology that creates an extremely compact burner and results in a more stable stove when compared to other top-mounted stoves (which often become wobbly). The pot support is mounted in a way that provides the flame with excellent wind protection and the lack of foldable parts mean the stove is always ready to be used. The Essential Trail Stove I equipped with our latest control valve, allowing for a more precise flame adjustment than ever before.

The Essential Trek Pot 1.0L is made from lightweight, anodized aluminium and has been developed with a slightly thicker base than the sides which helps keeps the temperature throughout the pot more even. The base also has a spiral pattern which provides good friction against the pot support and better heat transfer. The frying pan is also made from anodized aluminium and doubles up as a lid for the main pot for quicker boiling and to keep cooked food hot for longer. Both parts have a non-stick ceramic coating for easier cooking and cleaning. When not in use, the Essntial Trek Pot 1.0L is big enough to house both the stove and a 230g gas cartridge. The frying pan/lid secures everything in pace with the pot handle.

A compact, sturdy top-mounted stove-set for all those who value simple operation - regardless of whether you travel the world as a globetrotter or love trekking tours.


Essential Trail Stove

Dimensions: 110x60 -Ø 110 x 60mm•4.3”x2,4”

Weight: 112 g

Performance: 2.500 W


Essential Pot and Pan

Volume: 1.0 l • 33.8 oz

Dimensions: Ø 117 x 145 mm • 4.6” x 5.7”

Weight: 270 g • 9.5 oz





2020 will be the 75th anniversary of the adventures of Pippi Longstocking and Primus wants to celebrate this super-strong, independent, courageous girl! Together with the Astrid Lindgren Company, we are proud to launch a series of Pippi inspired products: a special edition Trail Break Lunch Jug, Vacuum Bottle and Meal Set  – perfect accessories for small hikers. They are available in green, blue and red with three different Pippi Designs. A portion of the proceeds will benefit „Save the Children“.



TrailBreak Lunch Jugs, have a double walled vacuum insulated construction and are made from stainless steel making them rugged and durable. Available in three colours, the powder-coated exterior provides a grippy surface that is easy to handle with cold or wet hands. May it be for a lunch in the nearby park, or a hot stew when skiing, a hot meal is always better than just a cold snack, especially in the winter when hungry little oness need a quick meal. The wide opening makes it easy to fill, eat from and to clean after use while the stainless steel interior won´t retain or absorb flavours.


Volume: 400 ml (13,5 oz)

Dimensions: Ø 93 x 115 mm • 3.7” x 4.5”

Weight: 262 g • 9.2 oz.



A high-performance, double-walled vacuum bottle made from durable stainless steel with a ‘Click-Close’ seal and combined with a mug. These bottles feature a rugged, powder-coated exterior and offer excellent insulation and low weight. This is the perfect vacuum bottle for small explorers with high demands.



Volume: 0,35 l • 11.8 oz

Dimensions: Ø 68 x 210 mm • 2.7” x 8.3”

Weight: 280 g • 9.9 oz





A complete five-piece set that includes everything a young adventurer needs in order to eat in the great outdoors. Two deep plates, a small container that can be used for berries or snacks, an outdoor cup and a spork. The Meal Set is dishwasher safe and microwave safe.



Dimensions: 177 x 41 x 20 mm • 7” x 1.6” x 0.8”

Weight: 45 g • 1.6 oz







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