ÅRETS JULKLAPP* - *swedish for: The Christmas gift of the year

Date: 2020-11-20

COVID has encouraged Swedes to discover that leisure time can be spent just around the corner—in nature. A classic trekking stove (backpacking stove) is this year's Swedish Christmas present and just happens to also be one of Sweden's oldest industrial products that can last for generations.   

Each year The Swedish Retail Institute (HUI) predicts what they think will be Sweden´s most popular Christmas gift (known as årets julklapp). The item is chosen by the following criteria:   

  • The product must be a novelty or has received new interest that year  
  • The product must account for a high sales value or be sold in a large number of units  
  • The product must represent the era we live in

“The so-called storm-kitchen became this year's choice for a Swedish Christmas Presents because it is a clear example of how much our lives have shifted in 2020. A very sad situation led many people to open their eyes to see how good we feel in nature.” says Per Wååg, CEO of Primus.  

“Even though we will hopefully return to normal soon, we expect that more and more people will continue to spend both leisure and holidays outdoors–in ways that are safe, sustainable, and good for everyone’s health.” He continues.

Lasting a lifetime - or longer   

This year's Swedish Christmas Present selection happens to be one of Sweden's oldest industrial product and does not necessarily have to be purchased new. At Primus, we are used to questions about stoves that were bought by someone's grandparents. With a simple update and/or a new spare part, they are usually still functionable.  

The very first Primus stove was manufactured in 1892 in Stockholm and quickly became a replacement for smoky wood stoves of the era. Today, Primus is an established international brand that offers modern cooking solutions for time in the outdoors. Products are designed and developed in Sweden, produced in Europe, and are then distributed in over 60 countries.    

“The combination of technical competence, durable materials and 128 years of experience results in products that often-become lifelong companions. We are proud of our worldwide service program for spare parts and the second-hand market”, says Wååg, 


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