Introducing Primus Klunken – The perfect bottle for your Fjällräven Kånken

Date: 2020-10-23

"Klunken is the answer to a basic and recurring need - a water bottle that fits perfectly in the side pocket of the Kånken backpack." - says Niklas Liljedahl, Senior Product Manager at Primus.

This season Primus proudly presents its new Klunken collection. An exciting, new assortment of single-wall and insulated bottles that have been developed together with sister-brand, Fjӓllrӓven, to perfectly partner with the iconic Kånken backpack.

The Primus Klunken bottles are not only the optimum size and shape to fit neatly into the backpack’s side pockets, they’ve also been carefully designed to exactly match the colour and style of Kånken. Both the single-wall and vacuum versions are available in eight of the most popular Kånken colours and Primus hasn’t stopped there. The finger-loop on the Klunken’s lid is also made from the same webbing as the straps of the Fjӓllrӓven Kånken, ensuring an even closer match.  

Developed in Sweden with Primus’ signature quality and functionality, the Klunken is available in a 0.7 litre single-wall version that’s an ideal alternative to single-use plastic water bottles and also a vacuum-insulated 0.5 litre version that is perfect for both keeping your morning coffee hot while on the move or ensuring cold drinks stay chilled all day. The durable, powder-coated surface offers a secure grip in every situation - even in the pouring rain - and the bottle’s lid is made of natural, insulating cork complete with a practical webbing loop for comfortable transportation.

Sustainable, hygienic and practical - whether you are travelling, playing sports, in the city, at university, school or at work, with the new Klunken Bottles you can ensure you have enough fluid with you to stay hydrated throughout the day. The large opening guarantees easy filling and cleaning as well as ensuring it’s pleasant to drink from, while the stainless-steel construction is not only sustainable, but also hygienic, tasteless and corrosion-resistant.

Both Primus and Fjӓllrӓven were founded in and have their HQs in Sweden and the product developers there are constantly tinkering and testing. So, whether they are developing new products or improving existing ones, the two brands can work in synergy and apply new innovations or materials across both product ranges.

And, if you’re wondering about the bottles’ name, the word Klunken is derived from the Swedish verb ‘klunka’, which means ‘glug’. The hollow, gurgling sound that is heard when liquid is poured from a bottle. This follows the tradition set by Kånken which is named after the Swedish verb ‘Kanka’, which means to carry around.


Our immune-boosting tip:

Ginger-lemon tea not only warms you from the inside, but also strengthens your defences and immune-system. With the new Klunken 0.5 vacuum-insulated bottles, you can take your magic drink for the cold season on the move with you to enjoy anywhere and everywhere.


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