Whether it’s a dinner for two, party or social get together – with OpenFire you’ll have an impressive outdoor cooking companion at your fingertips, year round

Date: 2017-01-25

Flickering flames, the sound of crackling wood, the warming feeling of a roaring campfire and to top it off, the tantalising smell of cooking: with the combination of the Kamoto portable fire pit and the Primus “OpenFire Pan” you can create a wonderful outdoor cooking experience.

A perfect present, the puristic Swedish designed fire pit is made of stainless steel and features a cleverly constructed air inlet situated beneath the pit to allow effective combustion.  Any possibility of fire damage is eliminated too thanks to the ashtray, which protects the ground.  

Quick and easy to unfold, just load the pit with wood or charcoal and it’s ready to fire up – it’s as simple as that.  Add the grill grate [included] for barbequing or, if you want to cook or fry, add the OpenFire Pan using its “stable position”. The pan features a unique three-layer bottom comprising aluminium core with stainless steel surfaces on the top and bottom.  Aluminium has unsurpassed thermal conductivity and cuts weight whilst stainless steel is easy to clean and is scratch and corrosion resistant.

Let your imagination run wild, there are no limits whether preparing a barbeque or cooking up a feast.

Stefan Lundgrens (Primus Chef) suggests the following recipe for quick and easy outdoor entertaining.  Feeds four people.

·       1 onion (white or red) - sliced

·       200 g bacon - diced

·       600 g beef (beef recommended however chicken, lamb or venison are good substitutes) - sliced

·       Chanterelles or other mushrooms – roughly chopped

·       Oil

·       Garlic - chopped

·       Chili - chopped

·       Thyme, rosemary

·       Salt and black pepper


Heat up the pan, add the oil and bacon; as soon as the bacon starts to fry stir in the beef, onions and garlic and brown the mixture. Add the mushrooms, chili, salt and pepper to taste. Cook for another 3-5 minutes before mixing in the herbs.  Serve as an appetizer, on a slice of bread or as a main meal with rice, potatoes, noodles or a salad. If you’d like to include a sauce a quick and easy option would be to mix in sour cream, French mustard, horseradish, salt and pepper. 

Fancy a snack?  Take cashews/pine nuts/peanuts, mix them with salt, herbs, garlic and roast together.

Whether it’s summer or winter, out in the wild or in your own back yard, there’s plenty of fun to be had thanks to the Primus OpenFire range.  Enjoy!



Kamoto OpenFire Pit                                    Kamoto OpenFire Pit large

Size      39x6x53 cm – 15.3”x2.4”x20.9”        Size      47x6x65 cm – 15.3”x2.4”x20.3”

Weight 6.1 kg - 215.2 oz                                Weight 7.0 kg – 246.9 oz


OpenFire Pan small                                       OpenFire Pan large

Size      46x29x25 cm – 18.1”x23.2”x9.8”       Size      47x76x25 cm – 18.5”x29.9”x9.8”

Weight 3.4 kg - 119.9 oz                                  Weight 4.4 kg – 155.2 oz



Clever Accessories

OpenFire Spatula

Generously sized, Scandinavian designed spatula. A flexible stainless steel blade and an oak handle ensure usability and durability.


OpenFire Pack Sack

The OpenFire Sack with is PU-coated inside is a convenient accessory for carrying and storing the OpenFire Pans and the Kamoto Fire Pit. Use it to carry your washing-up home with you [and avoid ruining your clothes or car]. Back home you simply turn it inside out and rinse it off.



About PRIMUS:                                                                                                                                                             

The Swedish company Primus has been creating products for outdoor use since 1892. They have been tested on expeditions by such pioneers as Roald Amundsen, Sir Edmund Hillary and Reinhold Messner. Today, Primus is known for its reliable, safe and innovative products, mainly produced in Europe, that make people enjoy their outdoors adventures – both big and small. The focus is on creating environmentally friendly, easy to use and lightweight products. Primus AB, based in Solna (Sweden), is an independent part of Fenix Outdoor AB. 90% of Primus’ product range is sold in more than 70 countries worldwide.



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