PRIMUS Presskit 2021

Date: 2020-06-24

The Swedish word "Guldkant" loosely translated means "that bit extra" - something special that gives you pleasure or results in a moment you can enjoy. It doesn't have to be something big. It could for example be the perfect cup of hot coffee, drunk while enjoying the view after a morning’s hiking.

PRIMUS has been developing innovative, functional and premium products for outdoor cooking for 128 years. We are well known for our camping and trekking stoves but today’s collection is much more extensive. PRIMUS offers a wide range of premium and carefully engineered products for preparing and cooking food as well as eating and drinking in the great outdoors. The inspiration behind developing each of these products is simple. To make amazing adventures outdoors even more special and memorable.  Our new 2021 products are designed with this same goal in mind and aim to offer previously unmatched levels of design and functionality. The products made of food-grade stainless steel are durable, easy to clean, resistant to corrosion, won’t impact flavours and captivate with their noble, puristic design. These products are truly "Guldkant"!



Klunken - the new friend for Kånken

The word "Klunken" comes from the Swedish verb "klunka" which means "to drink in sips" and it is the name of Primus’ new range of colourful, stainless-steel bottles that will be introduced in 2021. Both the name and the bottle itself have been developed to coordinate perfectly with the famous Kånken daypacks from Primus’ sister brand Fjӓllrӓven. After all, the Kånken itself is also named after a Swedish word – kånka - which means to carry something around. 

Sustainable, hygienic and practical - whether travelling, doing sports, out and about in the city, at university, school or at work – the new Klunken bottles make it easy to stay hydrated on the go. The bottle’s wide mouth means it is not only easy to drink from, but also ensures filling and cleaning it is easy so you can easily carry your favourite hot and cold drinks with you.

With a hygienic and corrosion-resistant stainless-steel construction, the Klunken is taint and odour resistant to ensure it won’t impact on the flavour of your drink and is also a sustainable alternative to plastic bottles. It is available in eight stylish colours and its durable, powder-coated surface ensures it's always easy to grip – even with wet hands. The lid is made of natural, insulating cork and features a practical loop for easy transportation. This webbing loop not only matches the Klunken’s coloured exterior but has also been developed to perfectly coordinate with the bestselling Kånken. For this same reason, the bottle has also been designed to slide neatly into the side pocket of the bestselling backpack. 

The Klunken comes in two different versions so you can choose between the single-walled 0.7 litre version or the double-walled 0.5 litre option which has a vacuum insulation to keep cold drinks cool throughout the day and hot drinks pleasantly warm.



Pure and minimalist products made of stainless-steel - Kåsa Mug, Drinking Glass, Shot Glass und Campfire Bowl

A Kåsa is a drinking vessel with a practical handle, similar to a ladle, which is traditional in Scandinavian countries. Originally made from tuber growths that grow on the trunk of a birch tree after injuries, they were first roughly shaped and dried and then carefully carved and sanded. Once completed - they were often lifelong companions.

For 2021, PRIMUS introduces a modern interpretation of the traditional Kåsa. Made of hygienic, corrosion-resistant and indestructible stainless-steel that won’t alter the taste of your drink, it features a small loop that means it can be easily attached to any backpack. The double-walled construction keeps ice-cold water cold or hot coffee or tea warm. Plus, just like the traditional Kåsa, this and the rest of the newly launched stainless-steel collection, has been designed to last a lifetime.

Other new products in this collection include the CampFire Drinking Glass and the Shot Glass, which can also be used perfectly as a measuring cup or an espresso cup. Both products can be stacked easily thanks to their cylindrical shape and can therefore be transported compactly and silently without rattling. Another practical addition is the Campfire Bowl. It captivates with its simple design and its size makes it perfect for serving soups, stews or snacks.


Facts:             CampFire Bowl        Kåsa Mug      Drinking Glass          Shot Glass

Volume:                                              0,2 l                 0,3 l                             0,1 l

Size in mm:     Ø 125 x 33 mm          Ø 85 x 60        Ø 80 x 105                  Ø 60 x 45

Weight:           105 g                          200 g               120 g                          150 g  



Lite Plus

We’re committed to developing the best equipment for outdoor cooking and this means that we are constantly investing in and improving our existing products. Our main focus is on performance and durability but we also look at how we can use more environmentally-friendly materials in order to reduce our products’ impact on the planet. We’ve recently turned our attention to the popular Lite Plus stove and are proud to introduce a model for 2021 that’s more durable, efficient and eco-friendly.

Our Lite Plus stove system has always been the ideal solution for overnight solo trips or a coffee break for two and, for 2021, it’s been further improved to ensure it is even better for both user and the planet.  Developed for compact storage and transportation, the stove’s burner along with a 100g gas cartridge and accessories fits perfectly into the aluminium pot that’s been improved with a new, hard-anodized aluminium construction. The pot’s lid will now be made from an eco-friendly bio-plastic and the design itself has been upgraded so that it now doubles as a drinking cup. The pot’s sleeve has also been improved and is now made from durable, G-1000 Eco Lite fabric with an insulating layer of cork underneath plus it features handy extras such as a pocket for your long spoon or the Primus Coffee/Tea Press. Offering extra features, improved sustainability credentials and the unchanged high performance and efficiency of the patented Laminar Flow burner technology, the new Lite+ is a great choice for any backpacking adventure.


Technical Facts

Volume:            0,5 l

Power:             1500 W

Size:                100 x 130 mm

Weight:            402 g





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