Sustainable reusable products to go
Sustainable reusable products to go - lunch jugs, meal sets, vacuum bottles for the urban lifestyle

Date: 2019-11-01

With just a few ingenious equipment items, you'll have plenty of options for enjoying snacks and lunch on the go. The range of flasks and containers allow you to transport homemade hot or cold meals and drinks and enjoy them wherever and whenever you like. Even at the baker's or butcher's you can do without the packaging and have the daily ration delivered directly to your PRIMUS containers.

Whether during your lunch break at the office, while trekking or ski-touring, in kindergarten or school, or even during long journeys by car, bus or train, the Primus lunch jugs, meal sets and vacuum bottles make it easy to do without disposable coffee cups, foil and plastic packaging.

As well as boasting excellent sustainability credentials that helps to reduce your impact on the environment, these products also offer a number of other advantages. Your food is taint-free and leak-proof packed in robust containers, that fit in every handbag, rucksack or briefcase. Plus, depending on the product, it is kept warm or cold for several hours.

Available in a range of fashionable colours, these accessories are no longer restricted to traditional outdoor use only. Trendy and sustainable, Primus accessories are also ideal urban life and everyday use.


TrailBreak Lunch Jug Pippi

For the 75th anniversary of the courageous, super strong, freckled and world-famous Pippi Longstocking, the Swedish brand PRIMUS is cooperating with the Astrid Lindgren Company on a range of special, limited edition products. The TrailBreak Lunch Jugs are now available in green, blue and red with three different Pippi designs.

Whether in kindergarten or on the adventure playground - a warm meal is always better for children than a cold snack - especially in winter. Thanks to its double-walled, vacuum-insulated stainless steel construction, the Pippi Lunch Jug is robust, durable and has a good grip - even for small childrens’ hands thanks to its powder-coated surface. The large opening makes filling, eating and cleaning easier, and the interior wall is made of taint-free and odorless stainless steel.

Volume: 400 ml (13,5 oz)

Dimensions: Ø 93 x 115 mm • 3.7” x 4.5”

Weight: 262 g • 9.2 oz.


TrailBreak Lunch Jug

For the office, travelling or outdoor excursions, the TrailBreak Lunch Jugs are also available in a neutral design in 4 classic colour versions (black, yellow, red, blue) and in two sizes - 400 ml and 550 ml.


Meal Set

A practical, 8-piece set with everything you need to keep your meal leak-proof when you're out and about. The set includes two deep plates, a spice jar with three compartments, a small container that can be used for oil or salad dressing, as well as a storage container, a drinking cup, a folding spork and an all-in-one cutting board, colander, grater and knife. If you're using it at the office, you can put the containers with your food directly into the microwave and once you’ve finished eating, put everything in the dishwasher for cleaning. Available in red, black, green and blue.       

Dimensions: 17,7 x 4,1 x 2,1 mm

Weight: 24  g


Leisure Cutlery Kit – Fashion

A convenient cutlery set in trendy colours that's ideal for travelling and life. The set includes a spoon, knife and fork made of high-quality stainless steel. For convenient transportation, a heat-resistant and non-slip silicone ring holds the cutlery together silently and securely. Available colours included: leaf green, pale blue, salmon pink, melon pink, concrete grey and deep blue.

Dimensions: 18,2 x 3,7 x 1,6

Weight: 80 g 


Vacuum Commuter Mug

These powder coated, stainless steel Vacuum Commuter Mugs are insulated to keep beverages cold or hot when you are on the go. A silicone seal insure no drips or spills, while taking a sip is just the click of a button away. With its tapered shape, the Vacuum Commuter Mugs fit neatly in a wide variety of car cup holders. The mugs are available in three colours: blue, barn red and black and two sizes 0,3 l or 0,4 l.

Weight: 255 g / 320 g


Vacuum Bottle

A collection of double-walled Vacuum Bottles, made from premium stainless steel and featuring a clever Click-Close stopper which makes it easy to pour and drink without removing the whole lid.  The durable and colourful powder-coated exterior means it’ll stand out from the crowd while the integrated mug lid means you will always have a cup handy.

Volume: 0,35 l, 0,5 l, 0,75 l

Dimensions: Ø 6,8 x 21,0 mm, Ø 8,0 x 22,5 mm, Ø 8,6 x 25,0 mm

Weight: 280 g, 415 g, 475 g


Vacuum Tumbler

A Vacuum Tumbler made from high-quality 18/8-stainless steel to help maintain the temperature of your beverage. It keeps ice frozen twice as long as a plastic tumbler and it keeps hot beverages piping hot for longer. A clear BPA-free, plastic lid allows you to drink freely and also see the tumbler's contents in order to see when a refill is needed. The tapered shape slides into most car cup holders. Available in three colours: stainless steel, black, blue.

Volume: 0,6 l

Weight 350g





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