The barbecue season never ends

Date: 2018-09-30

With the right equipment, barbecuing in the winter can be a very special experience. Creating warming meals of venison, winter vegetables and savoury sauces is the perfect way to warm up in cold weather and these meals can be easily prepared while outdoors using the new Kuchoma Grill. Introduced by PRIMUS this year, the versatile Kuchoma offers great cooking performance and is easy to transport. Plus, when used with innovative PRIMUS Winter Gas, you can be sure that the grill will work perfectly without any loss in performance – even in freezing temperatures.

Make the most of your winter barbecue with matching accessories from the PRIMUS CampFire collection. Preparing your meal is easy with the CampFire Cutting Set which includes an oak cutting board and a really sharp knife, or the CampFire Prep Set which includes a knife, spatula, cooking spoon and fork as well as an effective steel grater with sharp micro cuts. Like all items in the CampFire collection, these products are not only practical and functional but they also look classy. Thanks to the use of high-quality materials like oak wood and stainless steel, all of the CampFire products are designed for life-long use.